Quotes While Skelly's first love appears to be hip-hop and R&B he's definitely very versatile. I've heard sets where he's done everything from 80's, new wave, electronic dance music and even a little country. (I think I may have taken a break while the country was on, though. lol) He's very open to requests and rather personable even when he's not "on duty". I always look forward to Skelly as a highlight of my annual visit to Vegas. Quotes
Regular Attendee At Annual Social Convention

Quotes DJ Skelly always rocks the freshest tees, except he never wants to give me one. But he does rock the turntables, all kinna jamz but i specifically like that old school/funk/west coast flavor. I've had numerous mixed CDs he's made for me and they always turn out the parties. Yo Skell, where' s that new one you were telling me about? Quotes

Quotes " DJ Skelly is the DJ at the club I come from AZ to go to just for his spinning. He is awesome and always keeps the dance floor popping. He also makes great mixes! I would highly recommend him for any occasion! Any ? Feel free to ask me!" Quotes
He DJ's at a club I've gone to

Quotes DJ Skelly is an AWESOME DJ. Rocks the house each and everytime!! Go Skelly Quotes

Quotes This dj knows how to keep a dance floor going, I have been to many bashes he dj'd at and have to say by far he is my favorite, was the biggest cheerleader until he got a fiance :) just getting much love to her she is a great lady they are both blessed and will keep the music going :) Sherry Quotes

Quotes With mixes of everything from modern hip hop to 70's funk this man has it all. Skelly knows how to keep the dance floor popping, You have to check him out spinning and he is a must have if you have a party. Quotes
Skelly rocks the house

Quotes "DJ Skelly is the Best DJ I have ever Heard!" Quotes
Heard Skelly Many Times at Clubs!

Quotes "Great Job on my Wedding! Put me on your website, I would Love to be a Reference!" Quotes
Gabe 626-465-6310
DJ'ed My Wedding!