Quotes I was impressed and thoroughly pleased with Skelly's effort at my son?s event. His professionalism and skill were on full display. He had the kids (and many of the adults) boppin? and shakin? all night, and he clearly understood the general vibe of the party and where to work in some of the mellower tunes as well. We were lucky to have him, his awareness and sensitivity to our requests and especially how articulate he was in communicating with us as we lead up to the evening, all of it made us feel very good about Skelly's participation. Quotes
Henry Harris

Quotes Dj Skelly is a musical trendsetter! His music selection has a lot of older songs that are great, but also provides fresh new music. Each song in his set cleanly flows from one track to the next all day! all night! all weekend long! A talented entertainer; he is always Courteous, Respectful and Professional. Quotes
Fly all the way from 801 .: UTAH:. to hear him spin!

Quotes If you're thinking you want a D.J. for your wedding, choose D.J. Skelly. He was punctual, efficient, and very accommodating. He played a great mix of music, played all the songs I requested, and announced what I asked him to. He really kept the party going and helped make my wedding day a huge success. He is super easy going and wonderful to work with. Overall, a wonderful D.J. - I would give him an A+ Haley Quotes
Wedding D.J.

Quotes out of all the stresses of planning a wedding, the one constant non stressful event was DJ Skelly, he was amazing. We just told him what songs we wanted and he came through even with a cartoon aniamae song that is from Japan! That my daughter wanted her brides maids to walk to. DJ Skelly timed all the songs to her personal ceremony, he kept the party going and made all the guest feel comfortable to get up and dance... we all had a great time! We counted on him for a lot! I am so appreciative of him he made the night for us! I had priced other DJs and found that their prices were much higher than what DJ Skelly charged, it worked out for us in all aspects. I would recommend DJ Skelly to any of my friends and family, he is the best! I am a happy mother of the bride, Dona Hernandez Quotes
Dona Hernandez
Happy mother of the bride

Quotes In 2001, at a BBW club in Culver City (the world famous Club Curves), I was introduced to this dude who told me his name was Skelator Jackson Jr. we had a lot of common, dude knew his Hip Hop and like me was a big DJ Premier fan. We chopped it up for about 6 to 7 months eventually, I booked him to DJ an event I couldn't be at (Big Boogie Nights San Diego) in May 2002. This was his introduction to the BBW Community and Skelator Jackson Jr (affectionally known as DJ Skelly) has never looked back and has become the go to DJ for the plus size/fat/BBW community. In 2004, Skelly and I DJ'd the first Late Night Pajama Jammie Jam in Las Vegas at the Cavalier Club in Las Vegas. While I have had events that have been more successful attendance wise, this event, with Skelly on the one's & two's & the energy he created and our feedback off of each other is truly the PINNACLE event of my DJ life (and I've been doing this for over 30 years!) DJ Skelly is by far one of the best who ever did it! Quotes
DJ Motherf*ckin' Zulu

Quotes DJ Skelly was awesome. We booked him for our son's Bar Mitzvah and even though he had not done a Bar Mitzvah before he prepared in advance and was ready to go that night. Every time I looked at the dance floor it was full and that is exactly what we wanted. Way to go Skelly - Mazel Tov Quotes
Devra Harris
Totally Satisfied Family

Quotes I can honestly say that I know lots of DJs and Skelly is the finest! He's versatile, knowledgeable of different musical genres, well-versed in reading groups and taking requests and will do what you want - and that is keep your feet tapping, hips swaying, heart pumping and your dance floor FULL time after time after time! Kudos, Skelly, for being true to your craft and encouraging others to enjoy your talents! Hire him!! Quotes
Gina Bobina

Quotes Dj Skelly is awesome.....from his spins and scratches to he mega great attitude. If you are looking for a DJ who is willing to make your special day or a night one to remember....well DJ Skelly is the one to call.....he gives 150% and is willing to have your party go on and on and on....til morning * just keep the drinks* From day one....meeting DJ Skelly got our butts off the seats and on to the dance floor. His old school music to hip hop to whats hot on the air....he's got it. If you don't know what you want to dance too....hit up Skelly....he'll tell you what he's got and for sure your gonna be boogieing just like me!!! ~Lisa Quotes

Quotes I have heard him spin at least over the past 6 years . At a few different clubs . It seems like whatever the club he sees the atmosphere and makes the necessary adjustments for the genre of music , and always seems to rock the house . Example : my son is 14 and somewhat picky about his music (I guess I am also) I just gotta tell you even he liked the DJ Skelly Lovers mix . That is really high praise if you didn't know ! Shout out to Elanor I know you heard that mix I thank you for giving him some inspiration ! Quotes

Quotes SKELLY is THE BEST DJ I have heard and known All the events that I have attended in Cali and Las Vegas he has rocked the house til the end of the night His mixes will keep any crowd on the dance floor the entire night.. If you can't attend the events he's DJ then get his mixes in your car, home where ever you listen to music cause they are sure to keep you moving.. Great Job and Much success to SKELLY Quotes
Aprile Mayberry
Dj Skelly Follower